Appointments & MyChart in Everett, Washington (2024)


Getting started with MyChart

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  • There are four ways to sign up for MyChart:

    • By letter: Ask your doctor’s office to mail you a letter with directions on how to sign up.
    • By email or text: Ask your doctor’s office to send you a sign-up email or text.
    • At the clinic: Ask an Everett Clinic team member to help you sign up during your visit.
    • Online: Visit

    After you sign up, MyChart will send you a code. You'll need this code to open your account. Then you'll create your ID and password. You'll use these to sign in to your MyChart account.


  • When you set up your MyChart account, you'll be asked to give an email address. When you do, MyChart will send you alerts about activity in MyChart. This includes new information added after a doctor visit. You can log in and view that information anytime.

    You can also choose to get alerts by phone. If you have the MyChart mobile app, you can ask MyChart to send alerts by text.


  • If you forget your username and password, don’t worry. Look under the “Sign in” button on the login screen. There, you’ll find links to help you recover your username and password.

    If you have questions about signing in or problems accessing MyChart, we’re here to help. Call our MyChart Help Desk at 1-425-258-3904.



MyChart features and benefits

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  • Find a wide range of features at your fingertips. You can:

    • See your health history, medicines, suggested screenings and tests, scanned documents, X-rays and other images, plus more.
    • Download your records and share them with health care professionals at other organizations.
    • Link medical records from providers outside The Everett Clinic to your MyChart record.This helps create a more complete record of your health care history, all in one place.
    • Save your favorite appointments (type and provider) to make scheduling your next visit easier.
    • View and edit personal details and update your contact information.


  • Get care without leaving home, with MyChart. All you need is a smartphone or computer.


    An e-visit is like sending a secure message to your provider. To get started, you'll answer a list of questions. Then send your answers.

    Your provider will send a message back in one business day or less. It may include a care plan or follow-up questions.

    Start your e-visit

    Video visits

    A video visit is a face-to-face visit with your provider. You can use your smartphone or computer.

    Schedule your visit


  • You can use MyChart to send messages to your health care team. Answers may take up to three business days. Please keep your messages short and to the point. All messages will be added to your medical record.

    Note: Do not use MyChart for urgent medical problems. If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 right away.


  • It typically takes about 48 hours for medical information from doctor visits to show up in your MyChart account. Your doctor may also include a message to help you better understand that information.

    Test results will also be added to your record. Some tests may take up to several weeks. Tests done before you set up your MyChart account may not show up. You may need to ask your doctor to add those tests to your record.

    Your MyChart information comes from your Epic electronic health record. If you think information about a doctor visit is wrong, call your doctor's office or ask about it at your next clinic visit.


  • Out of refills for a current medicine? You can ask for a renewal. Simply log into your MyChart account, then choose “refill medications.” Then choose the name of your medicine and pharmacy. To send, click "submit."


  • When you give someone proxy access to your medical record, they can:

    • View your medical record
    • Send messages to your doctor and health care team for them

    Who can be given proxy access?

    • Parents or legal guardians of children under age 18
    • Adult children or legal guardians of adults

    If you're age 18 or older, you may give another person proxy access.

    For adult patients, you must:

    • Complete and sign all forms
    • Include a photo ID for the patient and the person who will be the proxy
    • Include proof of guardianship or medical power of attorney

    Proxy access can't be given if the adult patient:

    • Can't sign legal documents
    • Doesn’t have a legal guardian or active medical power of attorney

    For pediatric patients (children), you must:

    • Complete and sign all forms
    • Include a photo ID

    What if you want proxy access but aren't the child's birth or adoptive parent? You will need paperwork proving you're the legal caregiver for the child.

    Washington State laws say proxy access may be granted for children ages 13 to 17. But the law limits the type of information that the proxy can view and use. For more details, talk to your child’s doctor.


  • MyChart has 2 tools that help make preparing and checking in for your appointment faster and easier — eCheck-in and Hello Patient.

    Fill out documents before your visit with eCheck-in

    eCheck-in lets you complete any paperwork before an in-person or video visit, helping you save time on the day of your appointment.

    Use eCheck-in to:

    • Fill out questionnaires and forms
    • Make sure your medical and insurance information is correct
    • Review and update your medication list
    • Pay any copays
    • Sign documents electronically

    Confirm your clinic arrival with Hello Patient

    Hello Patient frees you from having to check in at the front desk for an in-person appointment. Just click "I'm here" in MyChart on your device when you arrive, and Hello Patient will automatically check you in. Note that you must complete eCheck-in first.

    How to set up Hello Patient

    If you want to use Hello Patient, you need to set upAppointment Arrivalnotifications in the MyChart app on your smartphone. Start by signing in to MyChart, then follow the steps below.

    For Apple® users

    • Step 1
      • InSettings, go to the MyChart app, then:
        • Tap theNotificationssettings.
        • Make sure theAllow Notificationssetting is turned on.
        • Tap to place a checkmark onLock Screen, Notification Center, Banners.
        • Turn on sounds and badges.
        • Click on the back arrow to return to the MyChart app.
    • Step 2
      • InSettings, go toLocation, then:
        • Tap the arrow inLocation Services.
        • TapAlways Allow Location Access. This is the suggested setting for MyChart. If you don't do this, you'll need to log in to the MyChart app when you get to your appointment. Allowing location access means you'll get notifications.

    For Android™ users

    • Step 1
      • Go toSettings, then:
        • Tap onApps.
        • Tap on MyChart.
        • In App info, tapNotifications.
        • Turn onAllow Notifications.
        • TapNotification Categories.
        • Tap to selectNotifications. Then tap to turn onLock Screen, Badge, Pop Up.
        • Click on back arrow to return to the MyChart app.
    • Step 2
      • In Settings, go toPermissions,then:
        • TapLocation, then selectAllow All the Time.
        • To exitSettings, tap the home button.


Appointments & MyChart in Everett, Washington (2024)
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