Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (2024)

Artful Ellijay

10 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540
1 877-244-7755
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Samantha and Damon Gabriel have been beautifully adorning homes through Artful Ellijay. An idea that simply started with custom metal pieces, has grown into a one-stop-shop for local artistry. Located on 10 N Main St, Ellijay, GA 30540, its rustic red brick exterior houses many items that range from exquisite home lamps with antique finishes to paintings of photo-centric farm animals by artist Kim Daniel. Even the painting on the outside is meant as a representation of the diversity of artists who contribute to the overall creativity of the community. And if those aren’t your speed, then there are plenty of garden gnomes waiting for a forever home.

Opened in the Fall of 2018, out-of-town residents have been rushing to Artful Ellijay to snag locally sourced decor that you can’t simply find in any department store. Even some of those running Artful Ellijay have moved from a big city like Atlanta to a mountain town like Ellijay. A component of that is the outstanding community that have supported Artful Ellijay and its artists alike. What started off as custom metal pieces and later flourished into a full-scale community of artists, the Artful Elijay team has gone back to focus on what they do best: custom metal pieces.

In the middle of 2019, Artful Ellijay opened a separate division to focus on in-house metal work. The Artful Metalworx shop is being steam-headed by Damon Gabriel, who originally helped bring Artful Ellijay into a reality. After all, those custom metal pieces mentioned at the beginning were for his wedding to Samantha, daughter of Steve Wadley. Now 2 years into Metalworx, Damon and his team have been creating commercial pieces as well for local businesses like Premier Pools & Spas. An incredible feat when considering the business had its humble beginnings, selling and networking out of a tent on a 4th of July local market event in Ellijay.

Before becoming the gifted metal craftsman he is today, Damon is a former Marine who served 4 years protecting and serving his country. His love for the country that homes his growing family is evident in the art he carefully crafts. Taking a look at the shop’s Etsy page one will notice the elegantly crafted metal with designs of the American flag or Georgian flag. Not only can you get a piece of work that symbolizes freedom, but you can also have unique to each piece available. Metalworx uses a patina finish that varies in color depending on its cut. The 4 finishes include rainbow, camo-green, copper, or a clear coat. So if you’re in the market for a camouflage green “Jeep Rock-crawler” metal piece decor or change the camouflage green for a rainbow finish, this is the store to purchase from.

Another one of the key beauties of metal workpieces is the ability to adorn the exterior of your home all year long. Providing residents the ability to make “bold statements of patriotism.” And while you may be enthralled by the ready to buy pieces, Damon’s services extend to personalized pieces as well. So if one were to have an upcoming event (weddings, housewarming, etc.,) the Metalworx crew will collaborate with your vision to bring your ideas to life. And with the 4 finishes available, no need to worry about repeat gifts.

To conclude this article, here is the Metalworx manifesto found on their page. Support Local Artists!

We dedicate our art to the modern human.

Who lives life purposefully and artfully.

Whose values are steadfast.

Whose heart and mind are open.

Who knows the fleeting nature of our time on this beautiful planet.

Who cherishes what is good in the world.

Someone who knows their heart.

That y’all means ALL.

And that preserving our rights, liberties and land is the greatest honor —

A responsibility we all share.


28 Main

28 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Ace Hardware of Ellijay

305 S. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Antiques on North Main

44 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Artful Home Provisions Design Center

87 Depot Street
Ellijay Georgia 30540
877-244-7755 ext 3

Beds, Etc.

18 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Belle’s Boutique

449 Industrial Blvd
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Belle’s Boutique has been in Ellijay Georgia since 2006. They now have a second Belle’s Boutique in Blue Ridge. If you are looking for fine ladies jeans, shoes or accessories then be sure to visit Belle’s Boutique. They carry Spanx undergarments, and they stock top brand shoes like Naturalizers, Skechers, Aerosoles, Flojos, and Onex. You don’t need to drive to Atlanta for a quality selection of women’s apparel and shoes because Belles Boutique has you covered. The Ellijay store hours are Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 10am – 4pm.

Beyond Pink

24 S. Main St
Ste. 2
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Blueridge Outfitters

1 River St Ellijay
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Cartecay Bike Shop

493 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540
Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (2)

Ellijay Cartecay Bike Shop is the place to go for all things cycling. They are a full-service bicycle shop in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and are bordered by the vast Cohutta Wilderness. They offer you a full spectrum cycling experience from bikes, parts, repairs, and anything else you will need.

Cartecay Vineyards Tasting Room

19 South Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Ellijay Pawn Shop

5508 Maddox Dr.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Gilmer Arts & Gallery

207 Dalton St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Green Willow Soap

52 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Hair Depot Salon

11 Depot St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Health Food Store

5 Depot St. Ellijay
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Hometown Florist & Yesterday’s Décor

56 River St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540
Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (3)

Hometown Florist and Yesterday’s Décor in downtown Ellijay is a full service florist who can help you with all of your floral needs. We are an all occasion one stop flower shop for all of your wedding, birthday, anniversary, or “just because” gifts. Our store is over 4200 square feet, with a variety of merchandise including works by local artists and both new and vintage items. We have everything from flowers and furniture to antiques and décor, making us your downtown everything store.

Huff’s Drug Store

136 Industrial Boulevard
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Huff’s Drug Store is always staying up with the times. You may know Huff’s as the pharmacy that’s been around Ellijay for decades — since the 1950s, in fact — but you may not know what gives them such a lasting presence.

At Huff’s, you can order prescription refills from a mobile app, or be alerted by text message when your prescriptions are ready to pick up. Besides the pharmacy, the store carries medical equipment include medical braces, wheelchairs, diabetes shoes and socks, and a broad selection of gift items too.

Huff’s just launched their new website. You can learn more about their services and products for sale there.

Julianna’s Boutique

24 South Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Kristina Lee’s Boutique

52 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Linens and Pearls

42 North Main
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Live the Trail

96 North Main St
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Main Street Antiques

66 North Main Street
Ellijay Georgia 30540
Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (4)

Main Street Antiques have a variety of antiques and collectibles.

Main Street Antiques & Collectibles

66 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Misty Hollow Antiques and Collectibles

34 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540
Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (5)

Misty Hollow Antiques & Collectibles is located in downtown Ellijay just off the square on North Main Street. The store is comprised of many booth vendors offering a variety of items sure to please.

Mountain Hounds

53 River Street
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Mountain Treasures

14 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540
Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (6)

Mountain Treasures is a unique shop with rustic furnishings, ladies apparel, Kavu, Holly Jones’ art, jewelry, and candles. Enjoy your time here while you taste locally made wine right in the store while you shop.

Olive Oil Company

24 S. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Outback Antiques

58 River St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Paws & Claws Thrift & Gift Shop

24 S. Main St.
Ste. C
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Pets on Main

108 N. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Southern Customs

449 River St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

The Cow Pelt

51 River Street
Ellijay Georgia 30540

The Loving Bull

2 River St. Ellijay
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (7)

The Loving Bull is a must-see store for the ladies. Being of the top 10 vintage stores in Ellijay, Ga it lives up to its name by providing clothing, jewelry, and much more. Find us on Facebook

TJ & Company

12 Northside Square
Ellijay Georgia 30540

United Karate Studio

377 River St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Warren’s Auto Sales

228 S. Main St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Whimz Boutique

56 River St.
Ellijay Georgia 30540

Shopping In Downtown Ellijay | Downtown Ellijay (2024)
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