Which VUSE Product is Best for Me? Comparing Vibe, Solo, and Alto (2024)

Which VUSE Product is Best for Me? Comparing Vibe, Solo, and Alto (1)

If you haven’t heard of VUSE already then where have you been? They are one of the biggest global vaping brands right now and they have a well-deserved reputation for their excellent vape devices and rich tobacco and menthol vape flavors, too.

VUSE has many years of experience and industry knowledge that really makes it stand out from the crowd. As an added bonus, VUSE products are affordable too. They are perfect for both new e-cig users and existing vapers.

But which VUSE product is best for you? Here’s a comprehensive comparison of VUSE Vibe, VUSE Solo, and VUSE Alto.

What You Need to Know About VUSE Solo

The VUSE Solo is considered the entry-level product of the reusable VUSE e-cig range. If you’re transitioning from cigarette smoking to vaping then this is a great choice as the device has been designed to be the same size and shape as a conventional cigarette.

There is absolutely no know-how required to use the product. Simple and intuitive is the name of the game! It is a simple, consistent, and reliable vaping system that won’t let you down. The VUSE Solo can be charged with a compatible USB charger, which comes as standard with the power unit pack.

The VUSE Solo Power Unit comes equipped with an LED battery indicator that glows red during inhale and flashes when the device is in need of charging, further adding to the cigarette-like feel of the product.

The trade-off of this product? Its small size means that it has a lower battery life than the other products in the VUSE range. This small size means the size of the liquid pods that the device contains is also smaller than other VUSE products. Is it worth the trade-off because the Solo is so lightweight? It weighs in at a pocket-friendly 15 grams.

The VUSE Solo is considered a great beginner kit. But if you’re looking for something a little more advanced, you might want to consider the merits of VUSE Vibe or VUSE Alto instead.

What You Need to Know About VUSE Vibe

VUSE Vibe is a small and lightweight vaping system that looks like a cross between a cigarette and a pen. It is simple to use and incredibly user-friendly, making it a great choice for newbies, especially those thinking of switching to vapes from cigarettes. Consumers love the sleek design of the VUSE vibe and the familiar pen format.

The VUSE Vibe offers great vapor production and a rich, strong flavor intensity regardless of whether you choose a tobacco or menthol flavor. The Vibe unit boasts a pre-filled vapor tank system that can hold 2 ml of liquid and can be replaced and refilled too. But its leak-free seal means you don’t have to worry about any mess or spills.

You’ll also benefit from a rechargeable battery, an easy-to-use USB charging cable, and a simple LED color system. When your e-cig is charging this will pulse red. When charging is complete this will turn white.

The Vibe and the Solo devices look very similar, but when comparing the two you need to know that although it has a slightly higher price point, the Vibe holds four times the amount of the liquid. This means that it lasts longer. Does this longer use time mean it’s worth the extra money? Many consumers believe so!

What You Need to Know About VUSE Alto

The VUSE Alto differs from the Solo and Vibe because it is not an e-cigarette but is instead a more conventional vaping device. Available in a wide range of colors including black, gold, teal, red, slate, and rose, this is a stylish product that you could even coordinate with your outfit.

The VUSE Alto is a pod mod with pre-filled pods that make vaping a breeze. It is lightweight, pocket-sized, and has been carefully designed to ensure that it delivers a smooth flavorful hit every last time you use it.

Although it is wider, the VUSE Alto is actually more lightweight than the VUSE Vibe. The pod for the Alto is made of sturdy and transparent plastic, and the black mouthpiece is slightly flattened as well as being curved so that it feels comfortable against the mouth.

The VUSE Alto is a little more complicated to use than the Solo and Vibe as you will need to insert the pod yourself, rather than just use the device straight from the box. But there are benefits to this approach. Once you drop a pod into the magnetic housing you can take a drag because the system is automatic: no need for an on/off switch.

The main benefit of the Alto is that the hit you get from using it is very strong. If you’re looking for an intense flavor from your vape then this is the best choice within the VUSE range.

Which VUSE Product is Best for Me?

The right VUSE product for you depends on your personal preferences as well as how experienced you are at using a vaping system. The most simple system is the VUSE Solo, which is an e-cig with all of the appearance and feel of a conventional cigarette. This is a great choice for ex-smokers and new vapers, or for anyone looking for a simple and straightforward vape system.

When you’re ready to take the step up to something a little bigger that can contain more liquid and maintain a longer battery life, enter the VUSE Vibe. This also has a cigarette-like look, but it is longer and thicker than a conventional cigarette.

Finally, the VUSE Alto is the best choice for experienced vapers thanks to the flavor intensity offered by the product, as well as its sleek design and innovative construction. This is the kind of vape device that you want to show off, with a battery that lasts long enough to get you through a day of active use.

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Which VUSE Product is Best for Me? Comparing Vibe, Solo, and Alto (2024)
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